These Dirteeze wipes are so much better then other wipes I have used. Strong and smell good!

Admittedly, I was extremely impressed with your wipes (to be honest, I never thought I’d find myself typing those words).

Strong…wow. Those other wipes I’ve used disintegrate as soon as you put any stress on them. They don’t absorb anything…kinda smush it around.

I do a lot of contract carpentry work, painting, caulking and keep a tub of Dirteeze with me. Works great on paint and caulk clean up. The wipes don’t tear like others and are more absorbent.

Tried these for the first time. They worked great on degreasing my hand tools. They also removed water-based paint and adhesive I had on my floor.

I own a truck crane business and there is always oil that needs wiping up. I have been using these for a while. They are great for wiping oil spills while working with my equipment. Very reusable and long lasting. They do not tear. I have never found a wipe comparable to these. I wish I could buy them in a store near me.

I’m a painting Contractor and I always have dried paint on my hands that is difficult to remove but with these Dirteeze Rough and Smooth wipes it comes right off! Awesome! Awesome!

The demo at AAPEX was spot-on and engaging…. Nicely done!