Our ongoing quest for Anti-Bacterial FDA/EPA certification

The Dirteeze Wet Wipe line is not a certified US FDA/EPA Disinfectant wipe solution. But we do have a solid blended formula/lotion that has disinfectant chemicals in it. The main disinfectant ingredient is the CHG which is used in surgical prep on your skin to remove bacteria. (CHG – Chlorhexidine Gluconate) google it: https://www.saintlukeskc.org/health-library/chlorhexidine-gluconate-chg-bathing-prevent-infections

So, let me be clear:

a. Even though our wipes contain a key disinfectant ingredient (CHG) they are not a certified US FDA/EPA Disinfectant wipe.

b. We are working hard towards getting our current product tested to see where it lands with the current lotion in regards to disinfectants/anti-bacterial properties.

c. We will be tweaking the lotion (Chemical Mix) so that we can pass the certified lab tests and have a wiper that can be used for double duty.

d. All our wet wipe products, will at the very least have an independent lab analysis from an EPA certified lab that meets the Federal FDA/EPA certification standards for disinfectant testing. After we have passed the lab tests, we will need to pursue the FDA/EPA certification.

e. We are working on manufacturing a disinfectant/ant-microbial specific wiper made from our bamboo substrates. This wiper will be specifically for disinfecting and have the 100% sustainability and Biodegradability of bamboo.