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Dirteeze, the originator of agitation technology built into a wet wipe, was launched in the UK market in 2007. Now, Dirteeze-US is bringing their most popular line of wipes to the US market lead by a team with over 30 years of experience providing wiper solutions to the retail, industrial, safety and Jan/San markets.

Whatever your customers’ needs or uses are … Dirteeze Industrial Wipes Range has the answer.

Rough & Smooth Wipes

Dirteeze are Wipes with a Difference. The Dirteeze Rough & Smooth Heavy Duty Wipes are ideal for removing semi-cured silicone sealants, expanding foam, decorators caulk,

Lax 60 Industrial Wipes

Purpose LAX60 by DIRTEEZE is a high performance reusable non-woven cotton wiping rag replacement designed for multiple applications. Works with water, oils, solvents, lubricants and

Bamboo Pro Wipes

Bamboo canes grow like grass at rates of up to two feet a day. Bamboo is nature's answer to our needs for everyday wipes in an

Smooth & Strong Wipes

Dirteeze are Wipes with a Difference. The Dirteeze Smooth & Strong Heavy-Duty Wipes are ideal for cleaning hands, tools and surfaces. Each resalable flow pack

Why Are Dirteeze Wipes Different?

The Dirteeze range of wipers is built on passion! Products have been developed not by following others but by leading the way in developing the best solutions for the wiping tasks at hand!


Latest News

By dirteez  Jan 31,2020

Dirteeze-US in Phoenix

Rounding up new Dirteeze-US customers in Phoenix at the Mid-States Rendezvous 2020!

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By dirteez  Jan 10,2020

Dirteeze at Untied Hardware

Dirteeze-US is having great success at the United hardware Spring Market 2020! 

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By dirteez  Dec 18,2019

“The Best Disposable Shop Wipes”

The Dirteeze product line was just reviewed on the website, the web’s largest and most active community for Nissan,...

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What Our Customers Say

  • I own a truck crane business and there is always oil that needs wiping up. I have been using these for a while. They are great for wiping oil spills while working with my equipment. Very reusable and long lasting. They do not tear. I have never found a wipe comparable to these. I wish I could buy them in a store near me.

  • I do a lot of contract carpentry work, painting, caulking and keep a tub of Dirteeze with me. Works great on paint and caulk clean up. The wipes don't tear like others and are more absorbent.

  • I can't believe I'm writing a review for a wet wipe. But this thing is that good and that different. Those other wipes I've used disintegrate as soon as you put any stress on them. They don’t absorb anything...kinda smush it around.


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